Focus Work Power Hour

F´╗┐ocus Work Power Hour's are dedicated virtual sessions for business professionals to find time to focus and work in a distraction-free environment. It's the perfect opportunity to work uninterrupted for up to 60 minutes. Focus work is usually dedicated to completing tasks that are complex, creative, or require deep understanding and intense concentration, but you can use this time for anything you'd like.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.

About Focus Work Power Hour Sessions

How it works:

We'll begin each guided session by inviting you to introduce yourself and share what you'll be working on in the session. We'll then mute ourselves and begin a 50-minute focus work session. Near the end of our time together, your host will wrap up the session and you'll have the opportunity to share your progress.

Where we meet:

Focus Work sessions are hosted on Zoom. You will receive an email with the link to join both after registration & on the day of the session.

Who is it for?

Anyone who could benefit from a dedicated, uninterrupted block of time to work on a task or project.

Some of the folks who join us include:

- freelancers

- people who work from home

- business owners & entrepreneurs

- startup founders

Does it work?

Body Doubling (doing a task in the presence of another person) has proven to be a successful productivity strategy. It is especially effective for those who navigate life with ADHD/ADD and the structured time and social accountability has increased their ability to focus.

Your Host:

Jessica Bledsoe is the co-founder & CEO of Pav*r, a Google Workspace add-on that transforms your calendar data with Analytics about where your time is going, and helps you create documents like invoices & timesheets from your calendar events.

Pav*r has helped thousands of business owners & professionals become more intentional with their time so they can achieve the time freedom we all deserve.

Brought to you by:

This Focus Work Power Hour is offered at no-cost by Path*, our membership program where you can find structure, accountability, and community while you work toward building new time management habits & finding greater work/life balance.

Save Your Seat

To preserve the integrity of these focus work sessions, space is very limited. Reserve your spot today!